ATnT Fiber Gigabit now cheaper than 100mbs

I just price-shopped and am FLOORED that Gigabit Ethernet is now cheaper than what I am currently paying for 100 Gbs. IF you are on AT&T Fiber - check to see if you can get Gigabit service. Esp if you are doing DIY hosting.

Total game-changer, y’all.

Isn’t that 1 Gbit vs 100 Gbit from what you are saying?

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Typo, 1Gbps vs 100Mbps. A friend of mine had AT&T internet, called and asked about a faster internet and he got 1Gbps cheaper than what he was paying.

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I found this too late to call in tonight but YES, will be calling in to snag this deal tomorrow- er, later today since it’s now “tomorrow”.

Yes. On a high speed fiber connection. The only problem I have with the service is the 20 device limit. Starts kicking off any devices over the 20 limit so my desktop is always disconnecting at random times. But other than that, it should be fine for surfing and basic hosting (with static IP address pkg).

Depending on the router you might be able to change the settings to not be kicked off …

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Definitely will be asking about that. I am now having to reconfigure my hosting and start up a DIY solution due to rolling outages that started a few hours ago on my remote host. This year just keeps on kicking me in the teeth, for SURE.