Atlanta Xojo Users Group - May 14 2018

Hello Xojo fans,

If you are in the Atlanta area on Monday, Mary 14th 2018, please consider joining us for our Atlanta Xojo Users Group meeting. More information can be found here:
Xojo Developers Conference 2018 Review

Wish I could be there… It’s almost close enough.

And I showed up tonight for tacos… NEXT Monday…

Monday nights are always slow … tacos? Count me in. :wink:
*and thanks for the reminder- I was actually searching for when this month’s meetup would be :slight_smile:

I’m stuck to a desk like a barnacle 'til 7pm.
It’ll take me until 8pm to get there, I’ll be coming in from Atlanta.
Will there be a Twitter account associated with the event?

Well, it turns out that I won’t be able to attend. Fear not! Scott Boss has accepted to play the part of host for this meeting. Be sure to bring your Xojo questions … and a hunger for tacos! See you all next month.

I couldn’t make it either :frowning: because my schedule ended up getting hit up by peeps needing emergency work.

there is always next month.