Atlanta Xojo Users Group - Apr 10 2018

Xojo and Tacos. No foolin’.

Atlanta Xojo Users Group - April 2018

Great job on running this User group Kevin. I am sure most people don’t see how much work goes into keeping this active, fresh, and interesting. Kudos to you Kevin and your supporters in Atlanta area. Your leadership here is inspiring to our Xojo community and again awesome job!

[quote=381850:@Kevin J Cully]Xojo and Tacos. No foolin’.

Atlanta Xojo Users Group - April 2018[/quote]
FYI - the restaurant link seems to go nowhere.

it’s a link to the map to the area.
If I remember correctly, it’s in the building opposite to the Walmart on the parking area.

Thanks Mike. The secret is not knowing when to give up! I actually only host the group as an excuse to go our for Mexican food once a month. :wink:

It might be time to revisit that map link. Bing originally had a better map, but now they’ve mucked it up. I’ll redo the map for the next meeting to more accurately represent the location of the restaurant.

here is one:

and website: