Atl Xojo Users Group - Mon, Aug 10th, 2015

Hello Xojo enthusiasts!

Please join us for this Xojo monthly meeting! We promise that you’ll learn something new at each meeting!

Who: Everyone interested in developing in Xojo!
What: Monthly Meeting
Where: NEW Location! Las Palmas Mexian Restaurant , 2210 Holly Springs Pkwy, Holly Springs, GA :: 770-720-0062
When: Monday, August 10th, 2015 – 6pm to 9pm
[b]There’s no formal presentation this month. No problem. Think of this as an opportunity to bring your Xojo issues. We’ll answer the questions that we can, and help research the issues we can’t.

We’ve got the latest Xojo news, reviews and announcements.

I hope to see you there!

Just a quick reminder about the Xojo Users Group meeting tonight. I hope to see you there if you live in the Atlanta area!


Hi Kevin, it would be nice if you could share with us how the UserGroup meeting was.

won’t speak for Kevin but the meeting was great. We talked about several topics including Xojo and had a good meal.

The meeting was good! We had 5 attendees. The private room in the restaurant is very nice, the food is good at a reasonable price. They have a TV that we use as a monitor. The only downside is that it isn’t 1080p so the resolution isn’t that great, but it’s big and bright and everyone can see.

I normally start off with the news from the previous months.
Several videos were released this past month that we played: Serial Port Demo and XDC 2015 Highlights
I played a sample minute of 2 of the XDC presentation videos and encouraged our attendees to purchase the videos.
We then had general Xojo discussion.

I brought some of my honey for everyone to sample. A bonus to our User Group members.

Thats the summary. For my tips on starting a user group, check out my blog post: Tips for starting your own Xojo Users Group

I find it well worth my time! Kevin does a good job organizing topics.