Assertion Failed Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

Building my project on Xojo 2016r1.1 (Windows 7) I get an Assertion Failed at the end of the build. The contents of the dialog are below.
I have seen this once or twice, and re-installing the Windows Runtime seemed to fix it. That has not worked this time. I uninstalled Xojo and re-installed Xojo and still get the same problem. Any one have any ideas ?



Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
Program: …es (x86)\Xojo\Xojo 2016r1.1\Xojo Libs\RBScript.dll
File: c:\users\joe\desktop\llvm\lib\suppo…\Dynamic…
Line: 65

Expression: false && “These APIs should always be available”

For information on how your program can cause an assertion failure, see the Visual C++ documentation on asserts.

(Press Retry to debug the application - JIT must be enabled)

Building for 32 or 64 bit ?

The underlying issue here is that either Dbghelp.dll failed to load or EnumerateLoadedModules64 couldn’t be found inside it. According to the DbgHelp Versions page, the function was added at some point before 2003, so I’d guess there’s something broken about the DbgHelp on your system.

You could try installing the Debugging Tools for Windows, which contains a version of DbgHelp.

Building a 32 bit App.

Initially all is looking good after installing the Debugging Tools for Windows.
Thanks for the fast replies and help.


I’m experiencing the exact same error during my 32bit application build on 64 bit Windows 10. Debugging Tools for Windows are installed, and I’ve added the path to the x86 debugging tools to my system path variable, but it keeps happening. I’m using Xojo 2016r2.1.

The issue occurs during the Linking phase of compilation.