Assembling different pieces af software into a single application

I’m writing a piece of software (on a Mac platform) which deals with computing angles.
The final application should give the user different options to choose from.
For test purposes, I wrote those different options as small separate application; now I need to assemble everything together.
Is there a way to put all different pieces together into a single applications without having to rewrite all of them?

Thank you

Yes, absolutely.

My suggestion:

  1. Set a new name to your Window1 using the option name for example (wOption where Option is the name of an option),
  2. Export the elements of each of your Options project into a folder (to Desktop / Finder)
  3. Create a new project and set Window1 to wMain)
  4. Import (by drag and drop the previously created folders) each folder Options into the Navigation pane of your new project,
  5. Set buttons to wMain that calls each Oprion
  6. Add a Options Menu,
  7. Add a MenuItem (into the Options Menu) for each Option

Add code needed here and there (ask if you need) and you are done.