Arrow Key Shortcut in MenuItem

How can I assign an arrow key (like the left arrow) to be the keyboard shortcut of a menu item?

Even if I have to catch the shortcut myself, how do I even display it in the menubar? Adding a high ascii “?” emoji into the menuItem displays as [?]

Xojo understands (and maps) a lot of these shortcuts.
For instance, put “leftarrow” in the “key” field of the menu item and you get a ? that works. “Tab” and such are also available.

More info here:

That’s a shame… The documentation mentions F1-F15; my keyboard goes up to F16, that useless-for-menu item-shortcut key :stuck_out_tongue:

and mine stop at F12 :wink:

Hmm… If I ever make an app for you, I’ll be kidding by assigning F13 to F16 shortcuts to my menu items :wink:

The left part of my keyboard ends with F13; then, above the “delete” and “help” block, I have F14 thru F16.
My MacBook Pro ends with F12, like your. I guess, with all these combinations, that “higher” function keys are more suitable for user’s customisations.

Ah. It’s RTFM! :slight_smile:

That works. Thanks!