Array of Menu Items

Using the Menu Editor, if I try to create an array of MenuItems names MenuName(0), MenuName(1) etc… Xojo crashes

When I enter MenuName(0) in the Name field of the menu item, I get an error message “Project item names must be a single word.”, and the name is then automatically renamed to “UntitledItem1”, but Xojo doesn’t crash.

This is on Windows 7 x64.

Not what I meant

Put a “name” in the name field, set the INDEX to 0
in older versions of RS/Xojo you could then create ANOTHER menuitem, give it the SAME name and it would automatically set the index to 1, then 2 etc.

Xojo is screwed up in this regard

I finally got them added… but here is what I had to do

  1. create all 8 menu items with default names
  2. added the index numbers to each manually (without changing the names)
  3. via NAVIAGATOR, select a menu item, set its name to the Array name I desired
  4. Navigator jumps to the first menu item (you CANNOT select the menu item in the menu editor any more :frowning: )
  5. repeat 3 until you have renamed all the items

Royal PITA… but it seems to be a work-around that doesn’t crash Xojo