ARM v6

I know that Xojo doesn’t currently support the Zero range of Pi devices as they use an ARMv6 CPU (as opposed to the v7 in the Model 3). Is there any likelihood that Xojo could/would support v6 in the future if enough of us requested it? I’m not hoping for GUI support, just console apps would be sufficient.

I think it would open up another market for Xojo as these devices are so cheap and it would be advantageous to have another simple language to use on them instead of having to use Python and its issues.

Any thoughts?

You may not want to go this way but here is an alternative with an ARMv7 that is nearly as cheap. Here is an old thread here on the forum:

The price and shipping has gone up some since this post.

I have tried this model and it does run Xojo.

That’ll certainly do in the meantime. Thanks!