ARM Procesor

Hi, i have a desktop app writen in xojo, but now i need the same app but running with ARM processor. When Xojo release the LLVM compiler engine?, With this compiler i can build my app for ARM processor? I have another choice right now? Thank You.

Sorry, ARM compilation for Linux is not anything that will be available in the short-term.

You are pretty much out of luck at this point. Assuming that LLVM is done this year Xojo would still have to port the frameworks over to ARM.

edit: Paul beat me to it.

Intel Atom N270 can run XOJO desktop app?

That appears to be an x86 CPU, so assuming you run a supported version of Windows or Linux on it, then yes.

I have done so. Works just fine.

we purchase a lenovo tablet to convert our program so that the application on a tablet. it is using Intel Atom Processor Z2760. Since it only have 2GB memory, my Xojo application run a bit slower. Application written with MS Access actually work much faster.