ARM Newbie Q's

I have a client that I’m writing code for, for Pi. I am not conversant in Pi and ARM but I’m learning. You can help. =)

Two Q’s:

  1. When I compile for ARM 32-bit in Xojo, is that compiling for armhf? My client says armhf works for him.
  2. We would rather have my code work on the Odroid, and that’s 64-bit. What is the schedule/timeframe for compiling to ARM64?

The short answer is Xojo is compiling for armhf.

Raspbian build a single image for all of the Raspberry Pi familes, which will be a armhf 32-bit build. The acronym armhf means “arm hard float” for arm processors (arm 7+) that have hardware floating point support, which means Xojo compiles for armhf.

Send the client a ‘hello world’ example to make them feel comfortable that it is compliant :slight_smile:

Thanks Eugene; we’ve got that far. We are still ahving issues - see my new topic, but at least the binary runs. Thanks for your answer.

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