ARM compilation for Windows

So it’s not on the roadmap, but… maybe it should be? Windows on ARM has existed for a while, and though current devices leave much to be desired, this is going to become more and more mainstream.

I mean, not that I WANT to offer 4 versions of my app just for Windows users… but hey, nobody ever said Windows compatibility was simple.


Here is a semi-related video.

Windows Arm - Linus Tech Tips

Yeah, I watched that this morning.

Here’s the feature request: feedback://showreport?report_id=62672

Well, we build plugins for Linux 64-bit ARM already.
I could build for Windows 32/64 ARM, too.

Would be nice if @Geoff_Perlman positions Xojo as an even more cross platform tool.

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+1 as Microsoft seems to embrace more and more ARM and latest when the day will come that end users are buying ARMs (perhaps w/o even knowing it, only because it is either cheaper, or without fans etc.)

It would be fantastic to be able to compile for Windows ARM as well. I have many business customers, who honestly don’t really know what they are actually buying, or my NPOs will just get their PCs as a gift. So that group sounds unlikely to get ARMs anytime soon, but it could be possible, if a donor is realizing that he bought my mistake ARM instead of Intel etc. and needs to get rid of those devices.

I just feel that it will hit my business sooner than common sense is currently telling us … so it would be good to gain some experience with it ASAP.

Exactly. I’ve had potential customers looking to pick up an inexpensive laptop to run my app that don’t really know what they’re buying. It would be far easier to just say “something that runs Windows” than “something that runs Windows and has an Intel or AMD processor.” Thankfully, x86 emulation is coming and will probably be here before Xojo would get to ARM support. But native is native. I mean… that’s what Xojo does.

I have hope that given the relative ease of transitioning their Mac builds to ARM, Windows would be easier. Mac Universal seemed to be the challenge, something that Microsoft doesn’t bother with for Windows.

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