ARGen Update: PostgreSQL SSL, Bugfixes, and more!

Rochester, NY – The newest version of ARGen, available today, introduces SSL support for PostgreSQL and many bug fixes. Users everywhere have been checking out ARGen and have been kindly submitting inconsistencies. Today’s update to ARGen includes many fixes and is recommended for all ARGen users.

ARGen generates Xojo code classes and user interface elements to interact with databases with Xojo code rather than SQL. Save time and write less code by taking advantage of the ActiveRecord library which abstracts database interaction. ARGen creates the classes necessary to use ActiveRecord from an existing database schema.

Key new features in the latest ARGen include:

  • API 2.0 framework support
  • Multiple database connections in one project
  • Verify class properties still exist in the database
  • Foreign keys that are nil are inserted as NULL values
  • Xojo Console project type
  • Easily switch between project frameworks in one spot

Build 131
New: PostgreSQL SSL connections
New: Review & Generate panel to make it easier to resolve errors
New: Error when User Interface elements are selected and ActiveRecord class generation is disabled
Fixed: Rescan Schema now picks up on Primary Key changes
Fixed: Class and property name validation now checks for all invalid characters (Variables and constants — Xojo documentation)
Fixed: MSSQL default port is now 1433
Fixed: Postgres reads all schemas for tables
Fixed: Windows can now deselect UI and Relationships
Fixed: NilObjectException when testing MySQL connection
Fixed: Rare instance of attempting to use SSL while disabled
Fixed: OKCancel instance parent is now correct when using Suffixes
Fixed: AuditTrail module namespace uses config setting
Fixed: Replaced a number of dims with vars for API 2.0 projects
Fixed: Restored Must Be Unique function
Changed: Updated step icons for clarity
Changed: Improved pre-generate validation
Changed: Improved initial scan progress accuracy
Changed: CubeSQL plugin is not API 2.0 ready, ARGen no longer offers

For more information and to download the latest version, visit