ArGen / ActiveRecord Step by Step?

At some point I found an awesome post by someone who detailed some step-by-step info on getting into ArGen (or possibly it was just ActiveRecord, but I think the former or both).

It was a fairly length post and I figured I could find it again, but I’ve spent more than an hour today searching the forum and haven’t found it. Anyone recognize what I’m talking about and can point me to the correct spot? I’m so freaking sick of writing CRUD code over and over and over…

(Sidebar: Using Dapper + SimpleCRUD in my day job and it’s SO nice! Hoping ArGen can get me at least close to that.)

here is some info:
ArGen creates the Xojo classes based on ActiveReord. AG and AR are designed help get from database to working code within minutes. I have been using AR since Bob & team released it. And have been using AG since 1.0.

For me it takes me longer to design the database/schema then it does to write the code (by hand). Now since I am using AG/AR the code writing comes down to a few minutes (minus the advanced functionality or custom methods).

I would check out the Bkeeney Software website. They have great documentation and several videos on the topic.