ARGen 1.6.0

Today we released an update to ARGen, our utility to create ActiveRecord classes for your Xojo and Real Studio database projects. ARGen costs $19.95.

ActiveRecord for Xojo does a number of things for you. First, it eliminates much (not all) of the SQL required to work with your database. Second, it lets the IDE autocomplete work for you using Table.Field notation as well as letting the compiler warn you when you are doing an illegal datatype conversion. Lastly, ActiveRecord will throw an exception if a field is missing from the AR classes (debug only).

Version 1.6 is a free update to all users of ARGen. The demo version allows you to output two classes.

New in version 1.6:
• ARGen now outputs the entire ActiveRecord class structure so you no longer have to download the ActiveRecord package from our website
• Outputs only the database you’ve connected to
• Restructured the OpenDB a bit to include the table registration

Download and more info at

These are great improvements. It’s now a quick intuitive no-hassle process.

Thanks, I really appreciate the comment!