are there any web sliders that work on iOS?

The built in slider doesn’t work on iOS devices, the scrollbar does register some clicks but behaves very strangely, moving a random amount back and forth for each click. So I am looking for an alternative control. I may end up using this as the excuse to learn to make my own custom control with javascript and the interface to xojo, but I feel like someone might have already tackled this and done a better job than I could do :wink: Any suggestions for a slider type control that works on iOS?

I’ve not used it, but Taylor Design has a JQuery Slider that might work. They have a demo online that you can test. Should be pretty easy to tell if it works on iOS or not.

I have tried several third party slider controls for a Web App without much luck. It seems the browser cannot distinguish between wanting to scroll the screen or the slider control. After some research and “tinkering” I gave up and created a color banded bar (light red to dark red) that were actually a series of buttons stacked next to each other. Touch the bar to select the position from 1-7.

There is a Javascript “hack” that is supposed to make sliders work for mobile browsers.

I asked Daniel (Taylor Design) about a year ago but I think he did not have any time to address a fix at that point. I have not looked at it since. I know he is working on a new release. Maybe he can integrate this fix.

The fix looks pretty simple so if you are any good with Javascript maybe you can add it.

I was able, with several different sliders, able to have a “+/-” button to move it up and down (or left /right) in increment steps by tapping the plus or minus but that was not acceptable to the client.