Are Feedback cases that apply to other platforms considered “duplicate”?

I’m currently having an issue I wanted to report. In Feedback, I saw a similar case where Windows is mentioned (I’m on Mac). Should I add info the the case saying it’s “not Windows only” (but that won’t update the core report, so Mac users seeing the case later may just ignore it again) or make a new case?

In this case, it’s this report:

But my question is more general than a single case.

If its not been categorised to a particular target then I believe its considered on all targets until shown otherwise so you don’t really need to add that you’ve seen it on mac also. However if you did mention that its getting in your way on mac then that would bring it to the top of the recent updates and it might actually be noticed and actioned if Xojo do indeed monitor recently active.


Thanks. I’ll update it.