Are charts only available for apple in xojo 2023.1?

I want to use charts in my apps and according to the publication’s charts are now available in Xojo from of 2023.1. However, are charts only available for Apple desktops and IOS? I do not see charts in my Windows IDE library. I thought it was available also for the Desktop IDE (incl. Windows)
When not available for the Windows IDE, is it planned that it will become available.?

We use it extensively on Windows.

From the Docs: “Desktop projects on all supported operating systems.”

I found the documentation already, but I cannot find anything in my library.



Look above, a snipit of my Xojo 2023 1.1, I do not have this between the canvas and label. How is that possible?

Maybe a broken install of the Ide? Can you try a seperate installation?

Is your project a Desktop API 2.0 Project? The chart control is only available for Desktop API 2.0 Projects.

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ok, here is the difference. When I read my code from previous Xojo versions (I used till now 2016.3) the charts will not appear. When I start Xojo 2023 with a new name the charts appear. That is weird. Why can I not use charts in my older apps when I want to convert them to the latest Xojo version? Do I have to rewrite the whole application for API 2.0?

Use the menu to select Project->Convert to API2 & see the chart control appear in the library


ok, misseed that option while exploring the IDE. Thanks…I can go on now.

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