ArchiveXojo Released

I wrote earlier about ArchiveXojo being released as a beta.
It is now available to anyone at a Web site:

Documentation and a link to an explanatory Youtube video are present on the site.

ArchiveXojo is a database that is a repository for all your Xojo code. If you have pre-existing Xojo projects, it can import all the code from those projects. Once that is done, it is designed to make it simple to grab code from ongoing Xojo projects that are under development. Make any kind of change to your code and save the contents of that code editor window with a semi-automated step that pushes that code off into a text file that can be subsequently imported into ArchiveXojo with associated metadata such as a date/time stamp.

With all your code from all your projects in one location, it offers all the benefits of a database in terms of searching for code that might be useful in other projects. It also acts as a version control system if it is necessary to “go back in time”.

This is free software. I hope that users will drop me an email so I can keep track of who is using the product and so I can send notifications about updates. This is not required. If you run into problems, email me.

Thank you for your consideration.