Archived Issues backdated closure

For a few weeks now I’ve not been keeping an eye on tracker as closely as I normally do, I’ve noticed that archived issues are now being historically closed instead of having them updated and closed on the date of archive. Having the system close tickets on my behalf as if I did it is a little unsettling.

I’ve also noted that tickets with Archived labels are no longer visible under the All tab unless specifically search for.

From an outside perspective, I’m failing to see any beneficial reason for this so can Xojo let us know the reasoning for these changes as both of these changes have made it more difficult for us to monitor and check Archived cases, some of which are still pertinent?

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Do you have some examples? Are you using the “Created date” sort option instead of the “Updated date”?

I see this Issue was updated with archived 3 days ago:

The Archived cases I see are closed by the Xojo bot, I haven’t seen a case that says closed by the OP and then Archived.

I can see the Archived cases under All tab without searching for them.

Just three random tickets:

I certainly didn’t close this 4 years ago,

Robin wouldn’t have closed this 4 years ago nor marked it as Archived back then either.

Archived didn’t exist when Stephane was around and I wouldn’t have checked it a few months ago without it having just been archived recently, the recent label was removed and move back years ago.

This wasn’t happening a few hours ago. I always filter by Updated date as I like to see what is happening. I was filtering by Label = Archived then removing the label and the entries weren’t there when viewing the All list, I even changed to 100 entries per list and did a browser find for “Archived”, nothing. Now there are 5 Archived tickets in those first 100 results. I was surprised that I couldn’t find them that I started playing around with Created date to try and narrow down the issue which is when I saw that some of my old tickets were being historically closed.

I assume that someone is tweaking settings as I mentioned a problem with Archived in #70094 the other day.

It is exactly what I observed, too. This has changed recently.

Surely this is a positive thing:

  • You can reopen a bug that is closed.
  • You cannot remove the Archive tag.
  • The date of closure is likely to prevent a sudden slew of bugs from showing up as fixed in the next version.

Remember that Feedback was transferred to Issues, my guess is that some internal note/label used in Feedback got transferred as Archived for Issues. @Geoff_Perlman did the work (I think), he may know what was used in Feedback that changed to Archived in Issues.