Archived bug issues

Feedback Case Number: several, see search result in Issues for labels ‘Bug’ AND ‘Reproducible’ AND label ‘Archived’. Screenshot attached).

As per today, there are 37 bug issues that have been closed by an automated process ‘Xojo Bot’.

All these bug issues share a common pattern: not having been assigned and fixed within two years after their creation and verification (reproducible).

Apparently, the bot evaluates only one parameter: time passed since last activity. If time passed >= 2 years, the issue is archived and effectively taken off the bug fixing backlog.

What is the accuracy of this process (% of correct decisions based on the assumption that the archived bug issue is no longer relevant or has been fixed in a different context)? Is this covered by QA?

Please add archived bug issues to the global list of issues for better visibility.


Sometime next year we intend to update the system such that when a case has had no activity in two years, the system will automatically change the status of the case to Archived. If you find an Archived case that is still important to you, please request that we reopen it.

No activity for 2 years.

I went through a couple of my reports, checked if they are still relevant with current version and than aded a sentence about that.

Strange that nobody from Xojo Inc. came to those cases and added a note, a question or so.

But for your cases, the person filling it got the email about the closure and he/she could have clicked to reopen it. Add a comment or so.

How many of those you checked are still relevant?

Here is the URL to check for yourself:

I found one of mine that should not have been closed: #61329 [Edit: for some reason this is marked confidential, but it’s not]

Update: archived bugs do now appear in ‘All’ and ‘Closed’.