Arbed with GIT - Very nice

I have been using Arbed along with SmartGit using my Internal GIT server and I have been very impressed with Arbed. It integrates smoothly with SmartGit (using SmartGit 4.6) very nicely. I have been very happy with the code diff formatting and usability. I personally wanted to continue to use the Binary File Format for Real Studio/Xojo, but I still wanted to see my code diffs and Arbed is handling that for me very well.

Arbed Software link

SmartGit 4.6 link

Git Link

Why is this in the Customer Service forum? You can click the forum it was posted to and change it I believe @Mike Cotrone .

Because my forum skills are “awesome” :wink: thanks for pointing that out and I just moved it to General. thanks!

Thanks for the tip, BTW!

i use SourceTree for GIT with my rbp too and use Arbed for diff. I manage to get Arbed integrated with SourceTree with help from Thomas

Richard great input. How hard was it and could you post a screen shot of that configuration inside of SourceTree? Thanks!

this is the URL for integrating GIT with sourcetree

I use my iMac as the GIT Server. I drop in my project into the first screen shot. double click on an item on the first screen will open the second screen. this screen show you want item has change and the commit the you have previous done. The third screen let you put in the information you want to include on this commit. the last screen show you how to do the integration.

Makes you wonder if he is going to rename it “Axed”. I own Arbed too and it has some nice features, but I am really looking forward to when (if?) TT puts in functionality to root out dead or duplicate code. I have something for my old VB6 projects that does that and it is a real time saver when your project starts getting large and hard to stay ontop of what is called and what is no longer used.

Without an actual compiler hard to know if code is used or not
Esp since you could write it and not do anything with it until runtime via introspection & calling methods in a very indirect way

Aivosto can take a VB6 or VB.NET project and slice and dice it 900 different ways and spot dead code by parsing the VB source. I am sure it is hard, but not impossible, I would think.

Can be pretty sure it gets it wrong for something like VB.Net if I build the name of a method in a string & then use reflection to invoke that method.

And if your interested you CAN find lots of warnings if you Analyze your project - and that DOES use the compiler to do the analysis.
It will list all kinds of things.

M, L&C,
I’ve been working for a while now, on and off, on a semantical analyser for Arbed.

While I won’t be able to detect “dead” code, I’ll be able to find out if code and classes get ever referenced at all. Even to use a class with Introspection, it has to be referenced in the code at least once, or it will not be linked into the final app. So, while the Xojo compiler does already remove some dead code, Arbed will be able to tell which what code that is and will also be able to list particular methods of a class for removal (I believe the Xojo compiler can only eliminate entire classes atm, not single unused methods of a class - though that may change in the future, of course).

And Arbed keeps following one paradigm that most other tool makers don’t understand too well despite it giving the user the ultimate control: Arbed is not simply removing code that it believes to be unused, but instead it will show that list to the user, and give the user (you) the option to look at that code, allowing you to decide whether to remove it or not. And it’ll remember your choice. Just like it does with the assisted localization feature.