Arbed --showdiff commandline weirdness

Maybe I am doing something wrong. I am running the commandline in Windows:

arbed  --showdiff  project1.xojo_binary_code project2.xojo_binary_code

Arbed launches and loads both projects in comparison mode, as I would expect. Then a window pops up and says “Don’t know what to do with this file: --showdiff”. When I press OK, two more windows pop up with project1 in the first and project2 in the second. I can close both and then use the comparison tool, but i keep thinking there is a bug in arbed or maybe I am typing the command line wrong.

Any ideas?

You might want to contact Thomas directly. He doesn’t read these forums regularly.

No, other than that it seems to do that on the windows machine of my colleague but it works without that problem on my mac.

Thanks - I will let Thomas know. Guess it is a bug.

Maybe it’s just the additional blanks you have around “–showdiff”. Please make sure each argument is only preceded by one blank.
If that isn’t it, let me know and I’ll look into it.

That’s not it. just tested it myself on Windows. It happens even with one space around the showdiff.
My colleagues on Windows machines have the problem when calling Arbed from SmartSVN.
I don’t seem to have the problem on Mac.

Oh, I see now. Arbed processes the arguments twice: Once it processes the args as a cmdline tool, and then Xojo’s runtime code sends the args once more to the OpenDocument event. Damn, that should not happen, and it didn’t in previous Xojo (RS) versions.

… and I have no clue how to prevent that.

The problem is that the OpenDocument events for “files” such as “–showDiff” are sent after all other major app-level events have already been send, including App.Activate and App.EnableMenuItems. So I have no way to tell whether these OpenDocument events are part of the initial launch arguments or if they’re sent later, when the user tries to open more documents in Arbed.

Hrmpf. Maybe I’ll simply ignore all OpenDoc events when I handled the args directly. Let’s see how that goes…

I believe I’ve fixed the issue now. Please use Arbed to check for a new version - it should offer with the fix.
The fix only affects the Win and Linux versions, not OS X.

I can confirm that the fix works for my colleague on Windows.
Thank you very much for the update.