Arbed 1.9.8 beta available

On macOS?

Oh, I see what you mean. Everything is dark, but not the CustomEditField. Weird, I thought I had updated the CEF with the Dark Mode enabled code.

Ah, yes, because no one has made the effort to expand the Definitions files for REALbasic.xml and XojoScript.xml yet. They’re in the CustomEditField (see above) project. I won’t do that as I do not follow the language changes in Xojo any more. They’re text files, and you could easily expand them and then test them right away in the CustomEditField’s demo project.



Okay, I need help from someone with a Pro license:

Apparently, Xojo changed the codes & names for Web v2(?) projects so that they cannot be opened by older Xojo versions (but why?), and Arbed won’t thus understand the new codes, either.

So, what I need is that someone figures out these codes for me.

So, would you please open the Web version of the Eddies Electronics project in Arbed
(at: /Volumes/Xojo2020r2.1/Xojo 2020 Release 2.1/Example Projects/Sample Applications/EddiesElectronics/Web/EEWeb.xojo_binary_project)

Arbed will then report a few unknown tags. The dialog shows a button that leads to

There, I explain what to do: Open the project in the Xojo IDE and save as XML (also, if possible, in text format). Then let Arbed convert the same project to XML. Now, find the “unknown_” occurances in Arbed’s XML version and locate the actual names in Xojo’s XML. Let me know these mappings.

Optionally, do the same for the text format, where you figure out the names used in the text format for these tags.

And if you know of other project types that also show these unknown tag errors in Arbed, process them for me, too, please.

I won’t buy a Pro license right now because (a) I have no need for it and (b) the sales of Arbed alone do not justify paying for it.

I wasn’t quite sure what you meant for getting the unknown values of a text project, I don’t see how you use Arbed to convert to text…?

Here’s the four missing tags for XML from Eddies Electronics:


Thank you, Tim. Now Arbed can open the EE Web project from 2020r2.1

Arbed should still be able to open and save text projects, even if the verifier complains because of minor ordering issues.

But it needs to understand the meta-tags in the text project, and how they relate to the 4-char-codes. So, if you update the Tag-Translate-XML.txt inside Arbed’s Resources with the 4 new codes, can you open a text version of the EE project? If not, please see how the text project names these 4 new tags.

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Alright, beta 3 is now ready. It should be able to open:

  • Binary + XML Desktop and Web projects written by Xojo 2020r2
  • Textual Web projects written by Xojo 2020r2

One little issue, though: When opening the EEWeb.xojo_project project from the latest release, it’ll complain about unknown “ARCH” tag. That’s because the textual project files use a new Architecture = 0 line, but the binary file does NOT contain a related item. This could actually be a bug in the IDE, forgetting to write this new item. So, since I cannot figure out what the binary code for this new “Architecture” property is, Arbed will use a temporary one (ARCH), which will still be perserved when modifying a textual project. So it works, but it’s not 100% correct because the IDE screws it up (And not for the first time. It took me 6 hours today just to get the few format changes since 2019 work with Arbed, because Xojo’s engineers are not able to use the textual project format in a consistent way. Instead, every change is done in a slightly different way. It’s such a mess).

Haven’t been able to use Arbed for a year, and I really miss it.
I have the last beta, and the ‘last stable’ download link (1.9.6) doesn’t work.

This is the log, and I get a messagebox about ‘mName’ not set

Does anyone know a way to fix this?

Arbed v1.9.8b7
Platform: OS X
Assertion error (mName isn’t set)

Stack trace:
-[NSRunLoop(NSRunLoop) runMode:beforeDate:]
-[NSRunLoop(NSRunLoop) runUntilDate:]

And I should add… still using a project which I edit in 2018 or 2015.

That’s an internal error because something went wrong that shouldn’t. I’d need the project, or a stripped-down version of it that still provokes this error in order to fix it.

I’ll sort something out for you, Thanks for responding. @Thomas_Tempelmann

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Thomas has traced this to a filetype I added (but could not find a way to remove) that lacked a name.

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