Arbed 1.9.8 beta available

Would those who know what Arbed is please download the new beta and check these things for me:

  • Does it work on Windows or Linux poperly? (Note: It’s a known issue that the app icon is now generic)
  • Does comparing projects work better, not worse (in regards to showing differences that are now really relevant)?

See here for release notes:

If all is good, I’ll release it in the next days to everyone.

Thank you.


@Thomas_Tempelmann, is it possible to enable the Dark Mode for macOS Option in the new release please? Thanks

I’ll give it a try.

Any pointers how that’s done? I’m building with Xojo 2019r3.2

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Great. Yes, there is an option in the Inspector of the “Shared” section called “Supports Dark Mode” under the item “Allow Hi-DPI”.

You can enable Dark Mode yourself by simply removing the entry for “NSRequiresAquaSystemAppearance” from the app’s Info.plist (inside the app package).

But the code editor won’t observe the dark mode as it’s a hand-written editor (CustomEditField) and that hasn’t been updated for it, yet. If you like the challenge, feel free to clone and submit an update for it: – Then I’ll allow Dark Mode by default.

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When I do this, the application no longer launches.

Oh, because its code signature gets invalidated. Well, then try to re-sign the app yourself. Then it should work again. I’ll change Arbed’s code to not use the key in the Info.plist but write it to the prefs file - then you can easily change it.

How to do this on macOS?

Well, if you do not know how, then you better undo the change or re-download Arbed and wait for me to update Arbed.

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With the beta, I’m getting an Uknown tag ‘Arch’ in [ShortProp], CopyFilesSupport.Arch. This is on a project with the architecture set to “Any” in Build Settings/macOS/CopyFilesSupport. I’m running Xojo 2020 R2.1.

While we’re talking about Arbed, I’ve often wished I could hide all of the modules/classes/etc that are the same in both projects. I’m almost always looking only for the differences, not the entire code base.


John, would you please make a small sample project that shows the issue and email that to me?

You’re talking about the Project Comparison, right?

I don’t understand what you want, though - when you compare two projects, then the listbox at the bottom shows only the differences - but that’s not what you ask for. So, where do you want to hide the stuff?

Ugh, I just spent 7 hours adding support for Dark Mode in CustomEditField. What a pain that was. And it’s still not perfect, due to the fact that it’s very difficult to generically convert colors for syntax highlighting for dark mode. I ended up with a somewhat acceptable algorithm, for now, I hope.

See for yourself:


My ideal for Arbed would be to let users see the changed parts in context, but without any other methods that don’t have changes.

The listboxes at the top include all of the methods. The ones with changes are underlined. To make navigation faster, I’d like to not see the methods that don’t have any changes - that would make the lists much shorter. Also, the listbox at the bottom shows the first row in each method that has differences, it would be more informative to show me the first line in that method that has a difference.

Just my .02, of course :slight_smile:

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Is this the 10th anniversary year for Arbed?

John’s points would make things faster, certainly.
When I know I am looking for changes that affect a particular variable that might occur perhaps 8 times in a project, there is no sign of it on the Arbed page until I start to ‘drill in’
Dont get me wrong: Arbed is amazing and indispensible to me. :slight_smile:
But John’s suggestions would be really helpful if implemented.

Not quite. The oldest version of Arbed I can find is from 16 Mai 2008. And before that, starting in 2005, there was my RBProjectTool, which could already read binary project files and process them to some extent, such as merge external items into the project file.

A new beta (2) is now available.



Let me know how that works for you, and if anything is off (I did not have time to check the Linux and Windows versions, so let me know even if they have an “obvious” issue).


Nice work, thanks @Thomas_Tempelmann. The Code Editor is still in Light Mode. And he’s not highlighting Var and Using as Keywords.