AppWrapper's new installation method prevents installing the app anywhere else than the startup disk


I launched AppWrapper which told me a new version was available. I saw it now has a way to update automatically and I first thought it was great.
However, the update button launched an installer which won’t allow me to select another destination than the /Applications folder. Having usually 2 systems installed, I put my apps in a third partition and I’d like AppWrapper to be there.

I’ll install AppWrapper using the installer and then move the app manually, but @Sam_Rowlands, can you please allow any destination in future installers?

The PKG format result is wholly under Apple’s control.

For a new install, the app goes into Applications, and thats the ‘correct/normal’ location for most apps.
If you moved it, the next install should replace it, wherever it happens to be.

Which is kinda helpful and kinda stupid… because if you delete the old app then install, it will install into the trash!

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Been there, done that and got the t-shirt.

Use the app Pacifist instead of the installer.

Yes, but (last time I checked, 5 years ago), you can still customise the installer and allow (or disallow) targets, like non-system disks.

For most users, probably. My usual setups aren’t common (and MacOS fairly well supports having apps in other locations than /Applications).

Granted :sweat_smile:
Empty the trash in-between…

Oh yes, I forgot about this one. I used to have it around ten years ago.


I only use this for updates as the Apple Installer will replace the existing application whereever it is (even in the Trash!) before installing it elsewhere.

I personally keep all my apps on a 3rd partition too.

As for additional options, I’m using the only set of options that are not deprecated. Anything else is basically unsupported by iOS macOS.

If you would still prefer more control, you can download the DMG from

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It looks like it wasn’t the case here. I already had AppWrapper installed (in another partition) but I had to choose a destination in the installer, and only the startup disk was available (for the others, it said “You can’t install it there; this is not a system disk” (translated)).

I felt I didn’t had a bad idea :wink:

You can no longer have an installer where the user has the freedom of the destination for a single app? Everything gets locked down, in Apple’s systems…

Also a good idea, thanks.