AppWrapper Queston

I’m getting several boxes for authentication with the same message. If I provide the information about 5 or 6 times, it finally goes through, wraps the app, submits to Apple and is successfully notarized.

I’ve had this happen every time to wrap and app. Anyone have suggestions?


This is Apple’s “Security” at work, basically letting you know that it knows you want to do something with the KeyChain. Normally there is an extra button “Always Allow”.

As there isn’t, we could try unlocking the “System” Keychain.

  1. Open KeyChain Access.
  2. Right click on the “System” Keychain.
  3. Select “Unlock Keychain”.
  4. Enter your password, yet again.

Now try wrapping again.

Thanks Sam for the response. I tried it and that didn’t work either. I guess I’ll just have to keep typing id and password several times to wrap apps until a solution is found.