AppWrapper 3.9.1 and scripting apps?

Under the capabilities Tab of AppWrapper, there we can add apps which we would like to be able to control with AppleScript. I have added, and more.

However, I cannot see those in the resulting plist of the wrapped (sandboxed and notarized) app.

Is this section (“Apple Script & Apple Event Access”) obsolete?

P.S.: This app is NOT for MAS

They’re stored in the entitlements; not the “Info.plist”.

They can be read, by either accessing the entitlemwnts file that gets added to the resources folder, or by reading the actual code signature.

If your app isn’t for MAS then you don’t need the entitlements for Applescript.

Have you tried?

Of course : - ) Otherwise, my main app wouldn’t work with AppleMail at all. The notarization entitlements are much simpler compared to the MAS.

I have my app sandboxed and if I remember right then the entitlement is necessary.

If your Application is Sandboxed, then you do require the entitlements.

Is there a new AppWrapper Beta available? The one I have expires tomorrow.

There isn’t a new beta yet; you can update from the beta to the GM by selecting “Update” from the “App Wrapper” menu. The next round of betas will start in a week or two.