Apps in Mac OS Mojave crash

This is more an FYI, than an issue with XOJO. We have an application that has been running without issue for years on both Mac and Windows. We suddenly got a report from a Mac user who reported a crash when accessing a certain window in our application. He was going from our Home screen to this window over and over again, which is not uncommon. What was not common is that after a few times, the application would crash. We were able to confirm this by going to different windows as well.

Our application is distributed in 32-bit mode. We were able to confirm the crash but it only happened in Mac OS Mojave, not High Sierra. We could not get it to crash in High Sierra. It does appear to be a memory leak in Mojave and compiling in 64-bit appears to resolve the issue, which is what we did.

Just wanted to let the community know in case anyone else runs into unexplained crashes all of a sudden.

This is a known issue. Try putting this code in the close event of any window that has popupmenus:

for i as integer = 0 to self.ControlCount-1 dim c as Control = self.Control(i) if c isa PopupMenu then PopupMenu(c).DeleteAllRows end if next

This was new info to me actually. Is there a feedback case for it?


I didn’t say anything about popup menus, which use through our application, but the feedback case refers to Yosemite and we’ve run into the problem in Mojave. Are you saying that the memory used by popup menus are not releasing?

Moreover, I was under the impression that, apart from Yosemaite, the popupmenu issue was affecting not only 32, but 64-bit builts as well.