ApplicationLoader error?

Just tried to upload my app to the MAS via ApplicationLoader and I received the following error message:

Could someone please help me with how I fix these 2 errors?
Thank you all in advance.

Your missing the short string version from the application plist file. Not sure why, maybe it’s set to blank?

How do I add it, and what do I type?
I am completely unfamiliar with .plust files.

Also, any idea what is causing the first error?


I think the first error is caused by the second.

If you’re using App Wrapper, the version number should be set for you (unless you have ‘change’ disabled), and in which case you’ll want to add it Xojo build options.

I am using AppWrapper.
The Bundle Version number is set to (1.0.0) in the .plist file, but the ApplicationLoader error seems to also want a short version?

I am therefore, not sure how to set the short version, or what the syntax should look like?
Does anyone have a screenshot of what the .plist should look like when it contains the CFBundleShortVersionString?


I looked at a .plist file from another app and copied over the syntax.