Application starts minimized on MacOS

Ok, so I still haven’t gotten to notarizing and signing my app, but at least I now have it packaged in a dmg.

When I run the app on my MacBook directly, it runs normally, with the main window coming to the front. When I download the .dmg and run it from the image or from my Applications folder if I’ve dragged it there, it runs minimized the first time. (I thought it was behind the .dmg, but it’s actually minimized)
Subsequent runs, it runs, restored, as normal (not minimized).

I tried adding in the event, but that didn’t make any difference.

Any ideas?

Here’s a link to the program if you want to try it for yourself… (You won’t get past the first screen as it’s a firmware updater for a specific hardware device, but the main window will still open)

I should add that I set the type of the main window to “Floating Window”. I tried “Global Floating Window” but then message boxes and other things are covered up. I don’t want it to be an “always on top” window, just one that isn’t minimized on first run.