Application Loader Troubles Part 2

I’ve been using App Wrapper 3 successfully. However, recently I have been unsuccessful with package submissions via the Application Loader, as it fails to show the application icon (App.icns.) The App Store requires an app icon with the application. I have done everything I can to insure its presence, yet no success. Does anyone know a work-around for this?

Who/what/where is generating the app icon?
Are you using the built in Xojo icon editor?
Are you using an external one and bundling it in with App Wrapper?
Did you use one of those awful, drop it once get a bunch of resized icons tools?

I’m trying to remember at what point I see my app’s icon in App Loader. What are you seeing that leads you to believe “it fails to show the app icon”?

Well, when I loaded an app initially that app’s icon appeared in the loader, and in the App Store Connect. Yet now the icon appears with neither. Although my application was successfully uploaded, all I see is the default icon, which did not happen with previous uploads. The App Store Connect will not let me submit for review without it.

I’m a such a dummy. I’ve got it.

For reference, Apple gets the icon out of your app package after you upload the .pkg with Application Loader.