Application Loader No Longer Supported

The Xojo iOS Guide docs still say to use Application Loader, but it no longer exists with Xcode 11. Supposedly you now need to use the Archives Tab of the Organizer window in Xcode to upload apps. My apps show in a list in the Organizer window, but there is nothing under Archives. Anyone know how to get my app, built for the App Store, into Xcode so it shows up here?

Please don’t tell me I have to use:

$ xcrun altool --upload-app -f ./path/to/my.ipa -t ios -u -p mypassword

If necessary download XCode 10 or 9, Ctrl-Click (right click) and select “Show package content” then open “Content/Applications”, where you find Application, which you can drag to your applications folder app. Then you can delete the older XCode, and keep the precious Applications Loader.

Thanks, Michel. I hope there’s a better solution in the offing.

In the meantime, I successfully used the command line tool:

No errors uploading '/Users/agorski/Documents/Programming/GunMaker/Builds - GunMaker/iOS/GunMaker.ipa

Note that “mypassword” is not your login password, but rather the old app-specific password that you used in the past with Application Loader.

If I am not mistaken, Sam Rowlands is working on a solution.

But frankly, I don’t see why using Application Loader separately would be a bad solution. I copied Application Loader from XCode 9.1.4 to Catalina, and it works as reliably as ever.

Sometimes, when a workflow works, it is not wise to revert to command line when tried and true exists.

Whew! Apple has just released Transporter to replace Application Loader.