Application launched, but unable to connect using port 49324.

Hi there,

Testing a CGI web app gives the following error:
“Application launched, but unable to connect using port 49324.”

Web CGI App build with Xojo 2013r3.1 running on Win7
Deployed on same Win7 running Apache/Perl

Running app in browser at http://localhost/cgi-bin/test.cgi

Documentation says it’s a firewall issue but the error is still there after firewall turned off.

No error in Apache log.

Any help welcome !



Antivirus ?
Sometimes they block things too

Hi Norman,

Thanks for the hint !
Disabling AV did the trick.
But do you have any idea how to avoid this ?
I’m using the free AVG antivirus, no firewall …

Thanks anyway.



I’m not certain there’s a built in way with AVG since you’re probably creating new apps all the time so a simple rule in AVG won’t suffice.
There is an exceptions list but I don’t know if that will work sufficiently for this.

Hi Norman,
Found no setting in AVG Free to solve this.
I’ll install another AV and see if I can fix this issue.

I’ll mark your answer as “answered” as antivirus was the root cause.