Application.BundleResourceFolderMBS gives 2 wrong results


I’m trying to use the BundleResourceFolderMBS method of the application class, which fails (folderitem doesn’t exist) in these cases:
1: when my app runs from a NAS. The native path shows the path going by the virtually mounted folder (the share is mounted using the unix_mount command). Looks like the folderitem doesn’t like that path.
2: so I tried putting the debug app right on the desktop; this is the native path: /Users/me/Desktop/Contents/Resources
The app name is missing in the path (obviously, folderitem.exists returns false).

I can work-around this, just wanted to tell about this and wondered it’s a known bug.
Using latest Xojo version, latest plugins and Mac 10.14.x.

Why aren’t you using SpecialFolder.Resources?

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If you haven’t done so already, report this to Christian as it appears to be a fault in the plugin. Does your application name contain non-ascii characters?

I was using the MBS method since when SpecialFolder.Resources didn’t exist. As I don’t necessarily rewrite my code for every new change, I kept this method for the time being.
Now that I see the MBS call doesn’t work in my cases, I’m indeed using the SpecialFolder method.

That’s why I’ve posted this in the forum :wink:

No, plain ASCII characters, even no space. Same about the path.
I suspect the problem comes from the fact there’s the mount point (/volumes/Users), the afp path (afp://username@server) and the folder-to-mount point (not sure how this called, as I don’t even quite understand why it’s required by the mount command; /users/me/NAS1/Users/).


For API 1.0 and IDEs without SpecialFolder.Resources I’ve got an open source module that has a bunch of handy locations :slight_smile:


Nice, thank you.

The plugin is using OS functions. You could do the same with a declare.
I may check if I can reproduce it later.

Either macOS doesn’t report the right path or the plugin doesn’t build the folder item correctly.

And since Xojo has this built-in, I may just deprecate it.

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