AppleTV with Harmony Remote

Anyone else using this combination? It worked great until the ATV updated to tvOS13 the other day… now the power toggle commands from the Harmony no longer work (everything else seems to)… I have to reset the power for the ATV manually, with defeats the purpose of the remote

I have had no issues using an Apple TV 4K with a Harmony Smart Hub + Remote. At least, not that I’ve noticed.

I have the 650, so no hub here

Dave- My neighbor had the same problem as you so I have turned off automatic updates on my ATV (I am at 12.4 or something like that). But there are many times when I have to grab the Apple remote to do things like adjust the posiition of a movie on Watch TCM. The Harmony Remote has its limitations and I am sure Apple is working hard to find other ways to create problems.

Mee too!
Can’t rewind etc… I even resynced the remotes.

Are your remotes paired via Bluetooth or do you use infrared? My hub uses infrared so there’s no pairing and it all just works.

The 650 must be InfraRed as I have to point in the general direction, and I don’t recall ever having to pair anything (unlike the ATV original POS remote)

Yep that’s definitely infrared.

Me too. Having problems with my old Harmony 300 that worked flawlessly before tvOS 13 but is now close to useless where the arrow buttons are lagging, down button works 5% of the time and the OK button requires looooong presses. I have downloaded the Harmony Desktop application and reprogrammed the remote but still the same problem.

For the 650… you need to press the MENU button to wake up the ATV

I just updated my Apple TV to 13.0. Big mistake. Now the Harmony Remote is nearly useless. Very annoying.

The only issue I found was having to press [MENU] to wake it up…everything else works just fine

Very glad you are not having the same problems. We have different models, however, so my issues may be local to the Harmony Smart Control version, which is no longer all that smart.

Is a general problem. I always used my samsung remote to wakeup (select the ATV in was enough) and navigate, now I can’t wakeup.
I have to use menu (on origina remote or iPhone)

Very annoying.

In principle, Logitech could update its hub to handle this. But I contacted them and they told me to order a new one to solve the problem. That’s not going to happen. I should read more anyway.