Apple Watch... is this possible?

I have an app on iPhone that I would love to be able to have send notifications that show up on my Apple Watch.

I have zero idea how this all works. Is it possible to do without using Xcode?
I am hoping that it’s somehow all built into the notifications we have access to in Xojo today.

Secondary question… How hard would it be to write a very simple app for the Apple Watch that did no more than send a single command to one’s associated iPhone? No fancy GUI or anything… Like a one-tap button.

Yes notifications sent to your Xojo iPhone app will automatically appear on the Apple Watch paired with the phone. I can’t hep with the second question though if you have some spare Feedback points … this is at number 8 after 7 years..



A “Here is how I managed” might have been useful info for others, but “Done.” …? What is the point of that?

I would imagine that

refers to the previous post:

Probably. Thanks.

P.S. “Added.” would have been less ambiguous …


it does refer to Jason’s.

You guy are a strict crowd today!

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I will gladly add some points on - thank you for calling this to my attention.

I’m starting dev for iPhone and am writing my first app an iWatch companion app for my iPhone app sounds appealing.

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Hi @Amy_Barnes , had you successfully wrote your iwatch app ? Could you share your experience ? You wrote it in XCode, Swift, Xojo ? Some code you could share in order to have a guide ?
Any other in the community had some personal experience writing Apps for iWatch

ROI (Return On Investment) was not enough to justify development time for a companion Watch app.

Thanks Amy

I am really looking forward to someone from this list doing something for Apple Watch. I have so many things that are in queue to do, but I’m going to need a support group!


It would be nice, and many of this community will appreciate, that if someone had done something for iWatch could share simple example of code in order to use it as starting point. As much simplier better. Understanding the logic the creativity is easy to incoporate later. Also example could be included in the Xojo official example folder.