Apple Watch... is this possible?

I have an app on iPhone that I would love to be able to have send notifications that show up on my Apple Watch.

I have zero idea how this all works. Is it possible to do without using Xcode?
I am hoping that it’s somehow all built into the notifications we have access to in Xojo today.

Secondary question… How hard would it be to write a very simple app for the Apple Watch that did no more than send a single command to one’s associated iPhone? No fancy GUI or anything… Like a one-tap button.

Yes notifications sent to your Xojo iPhone app will automatically appear on the Apple Watch paired with the phone. I can’t hep with the second question though if you have some spare Feedback points … this is at number 8 after 7 years..



A “Here is how I managed” might have been useful info for others, but “Done.” …? What is the point of that?

I would imagine that

refers to the previous post:

Probably. Thanks.

P.S. “Added.” would have been less ambiguous …


it does refer to Jason’s.

You guy are a strict crowd today!

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I will gladly add some points on - thank you for calling this to my attention.

I’m starting dev for iPhone and am writing my first app an iWatch companion app for my iPhone app sounds appealing.

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