Apple starts warning about 32-bit Mac apps


as reported on various websites, the next update for MacOS 10.13 will start showing warnings for 32-bit apps:

So there may be a need to get everything to 64-bit soon.


I thought the ban on 32-bit only applied to apps on the AppStore, yikes!

I am so NOT looking forward to panicked users descending on me… Hopefully Xojo 2018R1 will be good enough for the move.

That promises to be interesting. I have 20 apps or so in the MAS that I will need to update ASAP :confused:

The exact wording of the warning message seems to be

[quote]“” may affect the performance of your Mac.
The developer of this app needs to update it to improve its compatibility

It’s not a very useful message, in my opinion.

The good news is that in my (brief) testing it only shows up the first time you launch the 32 bit app, then never again.

I think the writing is on the wall: 10.13 is the last macOS to support 32-bit apps. If 10.14 does support them, I’d be surprised, but also very confident that 10.15 would drop support.

Start the clock, you have roughly 8 months to get your Mac apps to 64-bit.

That is the same fear-mongering message that I remember from my iPhone. Thanks the gods’ with 2017r3 my app is mostly working for 64bit.

I released my apps 64bit when Xojo supported this 2+ years ago.
No stress here. :slight_smile:

How do you achieve that ?

If you have apps in the MAS and they are not 64-bit you won’t be able to update them past June: Reminder: 64-bit Requirement for Mac Apps - Latest News - Apple Developer

Fact: No, you can still submit updates for those Apps, but they need to support 64Bit.
Unclear: If you still have 32Bit only Apps in the Store, they may not be available anymore as long as they have not been updated to 64Bits.

That should be amply sufficient. One of the advantages to using plugins over declares is that Christian from MBS and Björn from Einhugur have already updated to 64 bits. It should be pretty much turnkey.

You cannot build 64-bit Mac apps from Windows or Linux IDEs.[/quote]
I hope this is a motivation for Xojo to support that sooner rather than later :wink:

Unless still using an obsoleted plugin like Einhugur StyleGrid that won’t be updated to 64 bits.

But in general I very much agree with you on this.

Alternate Cynic’s headline for this:

Mac OS app developers warn users not to update their working Mac systems beyond Mac OS 10.12.6 unless they want a desktop iPad.

(>’.’)> (>’.’)> (>’.’)> (>’.’)>

This negative shaming of developers really irks me the wrong way, it makes me want to do or say something back to my customers.

Instead I have devised a plan that I think is pretty inoffensive.

When 10.14 enters beta testing, I will test my apps to best of my ability. I will then create a page on my website so that my customers can see what apps will work, what apps will have problems (due to bugs in the OS) and what apps simply won’t work.

I will then send a message to my customers informing them of this page, so that they can read up on this themselves. They can then make an informed decision on weather they should update or not. I still have customers using apps from 6 or 7 years ago because they still work.

These last few years have been tough for us as Mac developers, but this year the general public has started to feel our pain. I read recently that both iOS 11 and macOS 10.13 High Sierra have the lowest adoption rates for the last 7 years. Customers migrating to 10.14 that find their apps don’t work any more will be plenty pissed. So its up to us, 3rd party developers to make sure that we do our best to inform our customers.

Now many customers will expect a FREE upgrade to a fully working version, no matter when they bought the app. So I’m thinking at this point to make any lingering customers a huge discount to upgrade to the latest version.

Because App Wrapper uses so much macOS API, I’ve been gradually going though trying to make it 64-Bit safe as possible, but it’s a monumental task and one I was hoping to do for App Wrapper 4, but it looks like I might have to complete it much sooner. I tried to run in 64-Bit yesterday with no success, I still can’t even get to the actual wrapping part yet.

And finally, we are Xojo users, so I would suggest you do the best you can to get your applications running x-plat if they are not already. Apple might be sharing figures that show Mac/iOS sales are up, but I’m seeing quite the opposite in my field (digital imaging), even friends and family have started to migrate away from Apple products.

My own son has gone to Android. Like me, he has used all versions of the iPhone since it’s introduction until the end of last year.

I think a big blow to Apple hardware, whether they admit it or not, is the lack of touch on laptops, and the fact that the iPad Pro, while touted as a computer, is nothing but a record player in disguise that does not even have a trackpad or a mouse. Compared to a Surface Pro or a Surface Laptop, there is now a level of features relative indigence that plays against Apple. Like anything technical, would that be software or hardware, people like to have all features, even if they don’t use them.

High Sierra is beyond any kind of sharp corners I have ever seen. My last encounter with pitiful writing times under APFS makes me suspect, though, Apple has lost it. Frankly, over 4 seconds to save a 10K text file on an SSD versus 39 milliseconds on a hard drive under HFS is downright ridiculous. How can well paid and numerous engineers can tolerate such dismal performances is beyond comprehension.

It is unfortunate, because some of us do depend on Apple to make software sales. Sure, I now do more with Windows software on Amazon with the App Store and CD sales combined, not to forget the sales of the Windows Store. But I would really regret seeing Apple lose its mojo.

I just got the third mail from a customer asking about this stupid message. So I’m going to send a mail to all customers about 64bit.

Every example from Xojo still is set to 32bit. I get this stupid message every time I try a new example and it really gets on my nerves. Is it possible to get rid of this stupid message globally?

Yes; go back to 10.12.6. Otherwise no.

@Sam Rowlands: thanks. Sigh…

I think most of us are aware 64bit has been around for a very very long time now. IMO Apple is correct leaving it behind. Don’t forget Xojo was awefully late entering the 64bit domain and that’s the only reason why some here are in panic mode. Don’t think it is fair to only shoot at Apple. :slight_smile: