Apple Pencil / MS Surface Pen

Hi all,

Is it possible to utilise the Apple Pencil on iPad and/or the MS Surface Pen on Windows Surface device to draw in a canvas? I have a app idea that needs to harness a stylus and would work on an iPad and a MS Surface.

technically… yes you can…

I believe “Xojo for iOS” reports the location information, but it probably doesn’t report the rest…

Yes… to your app it feels like a finger.
I bought one purely to test.
Never get it out of the box these days.

Thanks for the info. Does anyone know if that’s the same for the surface pen?

Just tested a simple app with the Surface Pro 2 and the pen is recognized like a finger or clicked and drug mouse.

@Tim Jones: Thanks mate.

You can use MBS Plugins to get touch and pointer events. See blog post:

Nice. Thanks Christian. I hadn’t seen those in the plugin before!