Apple Layout Guidelines - Pixel Dimensions - Comprehensive Visual Guide?

I’ve looking through the online Apple developer information and although I’ve found scattered limited examples of the pixel spacing to observe between controls I’ve not found a overall set of visual guidelines. I have an older pdf copy of similar guidelines from Apple that includes several example application windows with the pixel dimensions between controls indicated. I was really looking for a visual guide with more detail to show the various pixel recommendations for different combinations of controls and labels used together and for window control margins. I’ve developed my own set of layout guidelines to produce a consistent appearance, but I am not really sure these would pass Apple’s standards.

Apples guidelines have changed as tools like Interface Builder have evolved
They used to tell you “put this x many pixels from the side or another control” in real detail
Now the HIG just say “standard margin” etc

You can google for older versions - apple seems to NOT keep them posted
I have copies from 1995, 2008, 2011, 2013 and they are all very different