Apple Language Glossary - Translation

I saw the talk on translation at the conference and wanted to provide this link to Apples glossary of menu items etc in many many languages:

Apple developer account required. Each download contains .lg files and I’m not sure what opens them, however they are just xml files.


Interesting… The idea of sharing some kind of translation files was discussed at XDC… and this might be a really good start.

The difficulty is finding what you need… a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack. Each language has almost 700 files with hundreds of strings each.

It does appear the Apple is making the files available to use with no copyright notice… but would they limit usage to paid Apple Developers?

It is indeed a bit of a wild arrangement, but it could be helpful.

The Microsoft language site is really nice, too: .

Another interesting project, this time an Xcode application that provides translations of menu items. It contains a lot of languages and their standard counterpart in json files.

Of the Apple files the best one I’ve found so far for menu items is “CalendarFileHandler.lg”