Apple iCloud Scam

just got a call from “Apple Support” indicating there was an issue with my iCloud account.

First, I doubt Apple makes such calls directly. Second, since I do not use iCloud, I knew it was a scam.
When I called their bluff… I was called a “Mther Fker” and hung up on…


I’ve been getting these for months. Just ignore them

Not received the apple icloud scam yet, just the usual student loan, credit card debt, car warranty and last Sunday a recording that maybe was in Chinese, this is the first time I get a telemarketer call in a foreign language.

I got an unusual one yesterday claiming to be my power company and that my power was going to be shut off for non-payment. They had my wife’s last name, our address, and, obviously, my cell number.

I had one yesterday asking if we wanted to extend our washing machine/dryer warranty since it was a year since purchase, and could they post us the forms. We did buy them a year ago, but when we told them a sticker on the front said we have a free two year warranty they hung up. We called the machine/dryer companies and they assured us it was not from them.

Someone internally may be leaking the purchase dates of customers along with their phone numbers.

I regularly get calls from Microsoft Support. Depending on what I’m doing I like to lead them on - after all if they’re talking to me they aren’t conning someone else.

we got those too… once richard say we have how windows and doors… real windows…

another time, we told them we don’t use window machine… only mac

I get them from Apple Support, Microsoft Support and Samsung Support.
It is always interesting to hear their pitch.

My wife’s boss’s husband fell victim to a “Microsoft” call. My wife called me while he was still on the phone because she thought it sounded fishy, and the first words out of my mouth were “tell him to pull the power from the wall and hang up the phone.” The has just remoted in but hadn’t done anything yet. This was after he paid them $500 though…

The scams do work…

I get phone calls and emails from “Apple, Microsoft, IRS, Gas company, Power company” and the list goes on. I once got a call saying they were from the county sheriffs office and clearing bench warrants and would allow me to pay over the phone to avoid arrest, so just told them it’s obvious you have my address then so come get me and heard nothing but curse words then I hung up. :stuck_out_tongue:

I got one of those car warranty calls the other day, saying they had been trying to get a hold of me since my warranty had expired. But yet they then asked me what kind of car I had. So I decided to play along and told them I had a “2010 Grand Prix”. Now if you know anything about cars you would know that the Grand Prix hasn’t been made since about 2008 or so.

I got all the way to a “sales agent” to discuss pricing for a new warranty before they finally realized I was messing with them and they hung up on me. :slight_smile:

Mine was a 2015 Studebaker Avanti!