Apple Appstore and bundle ID

I have secured all the licenses required by Apple, I have bought Appwrapper4, and have prepared all my marketing materials, and created an App in the AppstoreConnect, and think I am at the very last stage of getting my App into Apple for consideration. BUT I entered the name of my App as the Bundle ID in the AppstoreConnect page, and when I try to upload the package through Appwrapper4, I get an error saying bundle name doesn’t match the record on Apple? I am seriously STUCK as to what I’m doing wrong [must be something I am doing], or what to do, as the bundle ID cannot be changed once you have uploaded[or even tried to upload] a package???
HELP PLEASE … so frustrating, and there’s no help in Apprwapper or AppstoreConnect? [p.s. Sam Rowlands, Appwrapper4 support has been brilliant but not solved my problem].

Does the Bundle ID in Xojo match the one you’ve declared on Appstore Connect?

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Look in the App Information of the listing in App Store Connect.

Thanks for your reply. No, I entered the name of the App the first time by mistake {I now know], and I can’t now change the bundle ID. I do know the bundle ID now from Xojo.

FWIW, the bundle ID does not come from the Xojo IDE. it should be the ID that you used when setting up the profiles in your Apple Developer account, and is typically a reverse domain name. So if you were making a painting app and your domain was, your Bundle ID might be:


You’ll have better luck going this way, and ffs, don’t just make something up. You’ll run into issues later that you, Xojo and Apple cannot resolve.

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Thank you, I have successfully uploaded the App now, but had a missing Provisioning Profile [did not know what this was till asked for]. I have created the profile and I now don’t know what to do? I started Appwrapper re-submitting the App package but the log showed duplicate entity, so I am assuming the App is ‘up there’, the profile is created, and Apple has everything they need? BUT IS THIS RIGHT?

As far as I know, the provisioning profile is necessary to put the app on a real device.

If you can’t upload again the same app, it means indeed that it has been uploaded.

You will se it in Appstore Connect, under the Version Information (click the number), Build.

Click + and select the build.

Thank you Michel, I got that, and I’m on the journey now, had a review and a few questions back from Apple already. Thank you for your help.