Apple addresses battery life issues on the new MacBook Pro with 10.2.2 update

But you’re not going to like it!

There was nothing to fix. The battery life is very good with the new MBP. As I said before I never got such long battery life.
Except the battery indicator wasn’t correct, especially when using apps that had a heavy CPU/GPU load. On Macrumors some users/trolls now say the battery life is improved because macOS does not show the estimated time anymore. Yeah right…

They changed the conditions of the test. :slight_smile:

(A Wrath of Khan reference there, for our younger members.)

I will always wonder how computer makers estimate battery life anyway. I never encountered any machine living fully up to the theoretical battery life.

That said, Apple usually has good battery life.

Removing the indicator is kind of mischievous, though. Maybe time to create a small program that tells how much battery remains. Could be good sale in the MAS :wink:

most “time remaining” indicators are based on the delta of the charge vs the delta of the “time on”
the problem being that during “time on”, the intensity of “work” being done changes

so if you did 2 hours of intense Photoshop work and the battery was reduced to 50%, if would “guess” you had 2 hours left, but if you spent the rest of the time playing Solitaire, it might last 8 more hours… but if you played Solitaire first, if might tell you that there were 8 hours left, when in fact it was only good for 2 hours of Photoshop work…

So since it only uses time and % charge to “guess”, those guesses are not based on enough information to make them accurate.

Apple IS leaving the Percent charge indicator

Time / Power Used = TimePowerConstant
TimePowerConstant * Power Remaining = Time Remaining

Made up example: ((1hr / 4w) * 96w) = 24hrs remain

Apple’s excuse for removing the estimated time remaining is that the computers no longer use power at a constant rate.

Edit: Oh Dave beat me to it while I was verifying I didn’t get the places backwards.

Do you know Coconut Battery free application ?

If you have one of the new MacBook Pros, make the test by yourself, but make it seriously.

While testing, do not get an eye on the remaining %, just concentrate on the laptop use. And use more than one test like watching movies at full brightness / web browsing, web downloading, etc.

Then, with the results you get, express yourself.

Please, in the mean time… wait until you will have both the laptop and the battery results.