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Thanks to everyone that demoed their Appity App in today’s hangout.

If you’d like, please take a moment to share your app with others here. Maybe put up a screenshot and a download link.

And if you missed the hangout, but still made an Appity App, you can share it here.

Thanks again to everyone that participated!

Computers are super powerful. They were able to do the calculations to send us to the moon.
We have spreadsheets to calculate things.
We even have a calculator on our computers.
This is all way useful.
So without further ado here’s the one thing we didn’t need: a rainbow abacus.

Screenshot here:

You can now download it at in xojo project format and xojo binary project format.
Because it has an MIT license you too can have tremendous fun improving this useless program.

Tutorials can be found here :
Youtube lessons here:

For people needing an offline, no batteries required version, you can find em here

“Rest of Life Pixel” visualized the average life expectancy in pixel per hour on your window.

you can input your own “average life expectancy” in years together with your birthday.

Rest of Life is a windows desktop application made with Xojo 2019r3.1

arisen from a idea that your total life time hours are less than pixels on today screens :slight_smile:

see screenshot here ms store

or in ms store app at windows pc search with name Rest of Life Pixel

it is some days free to use so you can see how much pixel per hour you have theoretical remain.

it also show weeks used and remain ratio animated.

please use a search engine for your average life expectancy in your country.

one day remain is 8x3 hours red pixel block.

the Chinook database is a sample database that you can download and play with to experiment with pre-filled database file.
see here :

I decided to implement my view of an app that would deal with this chinook database, allowing you to edit, search, browse.
but it is anyway useless to use this app because who would care to fill a database with useless datas ?

you can download it from here :

I don’t have any developper ID so you way have to force open it by right clic on the first opening.
the first view let you choose for a local sqlite database, or if you have a postgres database with the chinook schema available you can enter credentials to this app and use it from multiple users.
I have a sort-of working version for windows but it is still with visual defects so I will post it may be later if anybody wants to see it.

Introducing iFanPro your iOS Personal Cooling Fan. Feel the Breeze!

Features include: variable speed, user selectable blade colors, reverse, pan, TouchID security and finger safety stop. Basic version also available which only includes variable speed.

Performs equally as well in the simulator and on an actual device.

Android version available when it is ready.

Beautiful and useless app for adults, though probably very entertaining for children :slight_smile:

So useless I love it! :slight_smile:

Perhaps not so useless.

I came across this:

It’s a iPhone fan. The idea is that it makes fan noise so you can fall asleep.

[quote=494034:@Bob Gordon]Perhaps not so useless.
I came across this: …
It’s a iPhone fan. The idea is that it makes fan noise so you can fall asleep.[/quote]

i need a vacuum cleaner noise to fall asleep or hair dryer …

This one certainly has it:
and it has 100.000 downloads per month