Append value to a global array


once again a beginner’s question …

I created a global array in the property-section of a module. The Name is “dblBarwertKum()”, its type is double and its scope is set to global.
Now i want to fill the array in an action event by using this code:

dblBarwertKum.append = dblBarwert(0)

But the “answer” XOJO returns is “This item does not exist”.
I also tried changing the name to “dblBarwertKum(-1)” … without changes to the error-message :frowning:

Can you help me in solving this problem?

Thanks in advance


OK OK … i found the error
Changing the code to
dblBarwertKum.append (dblBarwert(0))
made everything work …


Or you could just leave out the =. You’re calling a method with a parameter, not assigning a property.

Hi Wayne,
thanks for your reply.
I didn’t thought that changing from Excel VBA results in those problems …
But in the end it looks really good.