Append PDF to another PDF using MBS DynaPDF Plugin

Does anyone know if there is a simple way to append one pdf to the end of another PDF with the MBS DynaPDF Plugin?

I have searched the manual but can’t seem to find anything.


Look in the DynapPDF examples folder. There’s a project named “Combine PDF files” that probably does what you want. (Didn’t look).

Thanks! I’ll check it out.

Yep, that was it. Thanks!

Thanks @Bob Keeney for helping out while I sleep.

Hm…well, it’s more an indictment of the documentation than anything else. When it comes to ChartDirector and DynaPDF it’s easier to look for an example of what you want to do rather than search the documentation. I don’t know how you solve that since you’re just using their API. It’s almost like you need a Eugene Dakim book on how to use each one.

Would be nice if @Eugene Dakin could write something about the plugins.

You are right Bob. I even searched the documentation for “combine” as well as another few likely keywords. I did, in fact, find the import function but it was unclear if it could be used to append one pdf to another. Hence why I turned to the forum.