App1, App2, Appx

I imported three modules in my code, then I removed them but I still have some empty Appxx (associated, probably to the deleted modules) in my sidebar.
Is there a way to remove them?

Thank you

Select the item, right click, delete ?

Ciao Armando,
you can create a fake class (class1) and write as superclass Application
then select Appx and set the super to class1 then you can delete Appx

When you have done, you can delete class1

Thank you Antonio, it’s a little cumbersome but it worked.
Michel, right clicking, for some reason, did not work. Delete was not even contemplated in the popup menu

An app element should not deleted, but you cannot have more than one App element in your app. That’s the reason for the delete item is disabled.
You should create a Feedback case with the source example and maybe a video that shows how you create App1, … Appx
It should not happen!

I’ll create a Feedback case. Thank you