App Wrapper won't wrap due to QuickTime

I’m using XOJO 2017 release 2.1 and when I use AppWrapper to wrap my app, I get the following errors:

Mac App Store Rejection Reason
/MacOS/rbframework.dylib -QuickTime
/Frameworks/RBXML.rb_O.dylib -QuickTime
/Frameworks/RBMD5.rbx_O.dylib -QuickTime
/Frameworks/RBInternetEncodings.rbx_O.dylib -QuickTime
/Frameworks/RBAppearancePak.rbx_O.dylib -QuickTime

Critical Issues that need fixing
Code sign failed: : CSSMERR_TP_NOT_TRUSTED In architecture: i386

I thought the new version of XOJO would eliminate rejection as it’s not using QT libraries. I have no other plugins installed in the latest version of XOJO.
My certificates all seem to be up to date. AppWrapper gives me a checkmark next to them all when I use Codesign Diagnostics.

rbframework isn’t part of Xojo
QuickTime hasn’t been used by Xojo for a couple years at least

yeah that’s what i thought. how could AppWrapper find QT in a build from the latest version of XOJO though? Is it somehow pulling in libraries from previous versions of XOJO when it builds? I still use RealStudio 2011 v.4.3 for another app that’s not in the MAS. I originally created the app in RS2011, but when it wouldn’t successfully wrap i bought the latest XOJO and used that to make the build.

I think I figured out the QT thing. Since I created the original project in RS 2011, I deleted 2 canvases and replaced them in X2017. After building the app I don’t get the QT errors anymore, but I’m still getting the last “critical issue” preventing me from wrapping.
Code sign failed: : CSSMERR_TP_NOT_TRUSTED In architecture: i386
Any ideas on that?

Google’s answer from Apple on that error:

I think the problem was that one of the certificates, 3rd Party Mac Developer was not set to System Default. It was able to sign after I changed that.