App Wrapper under Catalina requires license each launch

I have elected to work under Catalina, since most customers have updated, anyway. So I see what they see from my apps. It is my turn to report.

I know, I know, Cata-strophic Lina. But we can’t change the fact that users demand an impeccable run from all our apps. It is so easy to overlook Kata behavior.

App Wrapper under Catalina requires license each time it launches. Originally, I thought it was due to authorization to access appData, but when I click “Enter Serial number”, it does display the right information, and all I need is to click “Activate”.

Nevertheless, it is a bit cumbersome.

I’ve started offering this advice to customers:

[quote]Open System Preferences/ Security, and choose Full Disk Access,
Click the padlock to allow changes, and add to the list

In Files and Folders, grant access to Documents and Downloads to
Then click the padlock again to make the change take effect.

I will add that to the Read Me. Thank you, Jeff. But knowing Mac users, they usually never read the literature :confused:

In the case of App Wrapper, I suspect yet another gremlin. Since the app correctly fetches the license information, something else is happening. I hope Sam will be able to sort it out.

I’m using App Wrapper v3.10.2 under Catalina and don’t have this problem.
However, I’m not sure App Wrapper was installed before or after migrating to Catalina.

I’m sure Sam will sort this out.

I’m getting the same behavior when opening App Wrapper, but in my case the reason is that my license of App Wrapper has expired, so Sam reminds me about it. Fair enough.

I shall investigate ASAP.

I must apologize as this is terrible UX on my behalf.

I am using the registration dialog to display that the upgrade plan is expiring, but in doing so I have created a confusing and frustrating experience.

I am sorry, I will think about this going forwards and devise a more elegant and clear solution.

Indeed all I needed was to renew, but that was not very explicit.

Thank you so much, Sam.

Outstanding service, as usual :slight_smile: Much appreciated :slight_smile: